2017 Calendar (Archive)


FDMC Events 2017
(some event dates, or locations, may be provisional)
Tues 28 Feb Annual General Meeting Mychett Community Centre
Fri 17 March March Hare 12 car Rally  
9/April April Solo Abingdon
23 April Dimanche Sprint Rushmoor Arena
Sat 6 May May’s Amazing Maze Scatter  
14 May Spring Solo Buller Barracks
10 June Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint Abingdon
11 June Abingdon CAR-nival Rally Abingdon
Tues 27 June Summer Barbecue Mychett Community Centre
9 July Summer Solo Buller Barracks, Aldershot
17 Sept September Solo Buller Barracks, Aldershot
8 Oct Sprint Royale Eelmoor
Was 22 Oct now 5 Nov Autumn Antics Slalom Deepcut
Postponed until 19 Jan 2018 Harlequin 12 Car Rally  Hants
Fri 1 Dec Gwyn Jones Memorial Clubman 20/20 Navigational Rally  Hants
Tues 5 Dec Christmas Social Club Night – free to Club Members Plough & Horses, Fleet Road
17 Dec Nearly Boxing Day Autotest TBA

Central Southern England: other events

National B status:
For other National B level events throughout the area, see the ACSMC website, for calendars of the qualifying events in the Association’s rally, sprint, grass and tarmac autotest, and PCT championships.

Club level:
For upcoming club level events, to which FDMC is invited, check our Forum, or contact one of the committee members on the Contact Us page.

Nearly Boxing Day Autotest 17 Dec ’17

Welcome to the Nearly Boxing Day Autotest, to be held on 17th December 2017 at Buller Barracks.

The Nearly Boxing Day Autotest has two key features:

* FDMC members, ONLY, are eligible to enter 
* The club provides the vehicles

Before entering, please read the regs for the event, here, Regs.pdf.

Methods of entry and payment

The event can be entered in the traditional way, ie by printing out the entry form, completing it by hand, and posting it, with a cheque for your entry fee, to the Secretary of the Meeting. For those who prefer, here’s how you can submit an online entry, and pay online via PayPal or credit card.

BOTH your entry form and the payment must be received, for your entry to be accepted. Otherwise, your entry will be provisional until we receive them both, so making your online entry and payment at the same time is much the best way.

Online Entry form

Fill in all relevant fields in the online entry form, Online Entryform , and then click ‘Submit’.

Online payment by PayPal, or credit card – now closed.

And the current entries list is here, Boxing Day Entries.

Thanks, and enjoy your Not Quite Boxing Day Autotest- The organising team.

Archive version: regs & entries here

Gwn Jones Memorial Rally ’17

Revised regs and entry form for the Gwyn Jones Memorial Rally regs (v2).

Notes from Graham Skeggs:

These have been revised as requested by the MSA to include items as:-

1 – It is a Clubman’s event

2 – Scrutineering

3 – Noise check

4 – Technical requirements

5 – Name of Steward, Scrutineer and Timekeeper

I do not require anyone who has already entered to resubmit. The original entry form has only changed in title.

By signing on you confirm that you have read and accept the changes.