FDMC awarded StreetCar status

FDMC awarded StreetCar status

FDMC are proud to announce we have been awarded StreetCar status by Motorsport UK. We are one of eight launch clubs who have signed up to the StreetCar Charter; we have pledged to initiate new people into the sport, help and guide them at events to ensure they enjoy their experience. Furthermore, our events will be branded as official Motorsport UK StreetCar events.

From the Press Release: “Motorsport UK has launched StreetCar to encourage more people to get behind the wheel and enjoy the sport; overturning the age-old perception that it is out of reach for most people. StreetCar will showcase the existing vibrant grassroots motorsport scene, and demonstrate that the sport is affordable, fun and accessible whilst acting as the enabler to drive participation in the club community. A wide range of low-cost ‘grassroots’ disciplines are available for new and existing members of the community, comprising 12 StreetCar disciplines that provide a wide variety of format and challenge. Segmented into Autotest, Trials & Cross Country and Rally, the disciplines are:

  • Autotest, AutoSOLO and Production Car Autotest
  • Trials and untimed Cross Country events
  • Rally including Touring Assemblies, Treasure Hunts, Navigational Scatter, Navigational Rally, Road and Historic Rally, 12 Car Rally and Targa Rally

All 12 disciplines can be participated in with a standard unmodified road car without special safety kit and to drive only a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence is required.”


Full Press Release can be found here.

Geoff Wade

FDMC Media

Promo: FDMC at the British Motor Show, Farnborough, 19-22 Aug 21

C’ttee member Iain Eckett reports

“Farnborough District Motorsport Club have been invited by Motorsport UK to be at the British Motor Show on 19-22 August.

It’s kinda cool that FDMC have been asked to put on a bit of a show at such a prestigious event and will be doing some Autosolos with members from the club to help promote grass root motorsport.

So please come along and see FDMC (down by the Paul Swift Display team) and have a chat with some friendly members of the Club about joining an amazing club and grass root motorsport.

Some of the Juniors from the Club will be there so if your son/daughter is interested then they can chat to someone who’s having fun competing.

While I believe we are the best attraction, there are few other attractions that might tickle your fancy.

Please look for our FDMC Green Gazebos and while the club is there for the four days I hope to see some of you on the Sunday with my son Tom driving.”.

Link to the BMS website here.

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media