FDMC Archive – Event Results – 2007

This is an archive page featuring content from the Club’s previous website. As much of the original information has been retained as possible, including the event reports, pictures and results.  Hope you enjoy looking back in time!

FDMC March Solo Autosolo 2007

Tandem Soloing comes to Bordon! This was FDMC’s first Solo to feature, during the afternoon, the ‘Tandem’ format, in which two drivers start together, on two parallel courses (there’s a sample course diagram, on Page 2 of this report). 40 competitors joined in the fun, and the first picture shows the Caterham of Andrew Thompson, who finished first overall, paired here on a Tandem course with Andy Fox’s MGB.

In the final positions, the next six drivers finished just six seconds apart, including Will Cubberley with his Golf GTi, who took first in Class C and 5th overall, paired here with Les Badham’s 205.

Simon Trickett, in his rare Clan Crusader, is seen here on his way to first in class F and 3rd overall, paired with Michael Duncan, who took 3rd in Class F with the Manta.

And yes, it did rain, especially during the morning! Shown next here are Ian Rogers, 1st in Class E, and second overall, with his Toyota MR2; James Llewellyn, who took 3rd place in Class B, with his 1275 Mini; and Sherie Carter, who took the Fastest Lady award, sharing the 306 GTi-6 with husband Matt.


In this Tandem pairing, Gordon Byers and his Renault 5 GT turbo were taking part in their first FDMC event, while Ian Harrison presses on in his Mondeo, to win Class D and finish 7th overall.

Was it really dark enough to need headlights?… Bill Mexson (XR2i) and Paul Smith (205 XS) obviously thought so. Derek Looker was driving one of his collection of 205’s, and newcomer Mike Taylor drove his 998 Mini.


Our last Tandem picture shows Alan Hockham’s Caterham, and David Garside with his latest Nova; two very different cars, but looking very evenly matched on this run, with David eventually finishing second out of 10 drivers in Class F, and 6th overall.

And here’s one pair of the Tandem courses (not to scale)

Award winners (with times in seconds)

Best Individual Performance: Andrew Thompson, Caterham 1600, 356.2

1st in class awards:
Martin Prescott, Mini 998, 372.5
Russell Smith, Peugeot 106 Rallye, 375.1
Will Cubberley, Golf GTi,372.6
Ian Harrison, Mondeo, 373.5
Ian Roger, Toyota MR2,366.5
Simon Trickett, Clan Crusader,367.5

2nd in class awards:
Richard Withers, MGB GT V8, 383.2
Paul Prescott, Mini 1300, 379.1
Adam Garside, Scirocco, 394.2
Ken Martin, Toyota MR2, 391.4
David Garside, Nova, 373.4

3rd in class awards:
James Llewellyn, Mini 1275, 383.1
Michael Duncan, Manta 2.0, 378.4

Fastest Lady:
Sherie Carter, Peugeot 306GTi-6, 410.5

Full results for the event are available here, soloMarch2007results.

Pictures by Az Edwards (the good ones!), and Richard Field: to see lots more of Az’s pictures from this event, go to AE-Photography.co.uk.

FDMC Dimanche Sprint April 2007

Our sprinting season kicked off with 70 entrants for our annual visit to Rushmoor Arena. Despite it being April 1st, the drivers definitely weren’t kidding, and after a fierce day’s competition, the top five finished less than half a second apart, with Fastest Time of Day going to Derek Hodder in his 2 litre Westfield, one of nine entries from the Westfield Sports Car Club.

Derek Hodder

Second and third overall positions went eventually to the hard-trying Simon Besant (Westfield 4.6 V8), and Roger Binyon (Metro 6R4).

Roger Binyon Simon Besant

In another close battle, regular rivals Karl Stevens (Escort 2.0) and Brian Stevens (Mazda RX7) took first and second in the large class 7, also finishing 8th and 9th overall, the highest placed tin-tops, amongst a shoal of Westfields and other quick machinery.

Karl Stevens Brian Stevens

Recent new FDMC members, at Rushmoor for the first time, included Matt Carter, who took 2nd in class A in his Peugeot 306GTi-6; Vicki Lawrence, sharing the Nissan Sunny GTi with father Peter; and Gordon Byers, with his Renault 5 GT turbo.

Matt Carter
Vicki Lawrence Gordon Byers

A friendly Renault/Alpine invasion was led by Tony Gomis in his Alpine A110; Rob Orford, with his MGB, was one of twelve MG Car Club entrants, contesting the Luffield Cars 2007 Speed Championship; and it was Tim Wheatley’s first event with his left hand drive, factory prepared MG ZR 1.4.

Tony Gomis Rob Orford
Tim Wheatley

Gwyn Jones, continuing his tradition of bringing a different car to every event, took this Citroen AX to second place in Class 1.

Gywn Jones

In Class 4, Bavid Buttle with his red Westfield and Andrew Thompson in his silver Caterham led the charge, with Andrew snatching the class win on the last run,

David Buttle Andrew Thompson

Russell Akers and his nicely prepared BMW had their first outing at Rushmoor, Richard Withers was the fastest of the MG’s, also finishing fourth in Class 7, and John Pigeon was driving his rare Renault 8S, updated with a later 1400 engine.

Russell Akers
Richard Whithers John Pigeon

17 year old Jack Meadows, sharing Ken Martin’s class winning Peugeot 106, was competing in his first ever sprint, while Martyn Phillis and his 1950cc MGA have rather more experience!

Jack Meadows Martyn Phillis

Seen here during the morning practice runs, Andrew Smith’s Elan Coupe heads for an eventual second in class 2, with startline marshals Andy Silman and John Nichols in attendance, and other drivers waiting to go.

FDMC’s Sprinting season continues with the Abingdon CARnival weekend, on June 9/10th, jointly organised with Sutton & Cheam MC.

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Derek Hodder, Westfield 2.0, 51.57

Class Winners:

Class 0, Maurice May, R5 GT Turbo, 58.39
Class 1, 1st Ken Martin, 106 XSi 1.4, 60.09
Class 2, 1st Ian Rogers, Toyota MR2 2.0, 58.44
Class 3. 1st Martyn Crowe, Porsche 944, 57.11
Class 4, 1st Andrew Thompson, Caterham Seven, 55.03
Class 5, 1st Simon Besant, Westfield SE Eight, 51.99
Class 6, 1st Allan Brown, Mini Marcos 1.4, 57.51
Class 7, 1st Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0, 53.04
Class 8, 1st Aaron Bailey, Mitsubishi Evo 8, 55.80
Class 9, 1st Roger Binyon, Metro 6R4, 52.08

Best Lady: Julie Black, Westfield SEiW, 55.05
Best FDMC: Steven Woods, Sierra XR4, 57.14

Full results available here: DimancheSprint2007results.

(Pictures by Ray Hunter, of Breathecosse Media; lots more can be seen and purchased, at www.breathecosse.com).

FDMC / CSMA Spring Solo Autosolo 2007

The pace hots up!  Our return to Soloing at Barton Stacey, jointly organised with the CSMA (West Middlesex branch), was rewarded with fine weather and a full entry of 45, including expert BTRDA members. From this strong field, newcomer Simon Trickett snatched the early lead, and after three runs through the four different courses, held it to the finish, to take Fastest Time of Day in his Clan Crusader.

Among the Class F entries, Mike Biss in his Sylva Striker finished second overall, and Carl Streatfield brought his upgraded Lotus Elise home third overall, also taking first and second in this class.


Paul Prescott, on top form with his 1300 Mini, took fourth overall on his way to winning Class B, and finishing the highest placed saloon. In Class C, Simon Harris and his Golf took the win, with Russell Smith close behind in his Honda CRX, with these two also finishing fifth and sixth overall.


Among the CSMA members, Phil Kendal and his Peugeot 106 Rallye took second in Class B, out of 13 entries, while Ian Perry and Anthony Ongley were sharing this Metro GTi in the same class.


This Renault Clio 172 was shared by Michael Grubb to win Class D, and Caroline Grubb to win the Ladies Award

A father and son team from the MG Car Club, Jim Withers took first in Class E with the Midget, and Richard Withers second in the Historic class with the MGB GT V8, also finishing 10th overall. Two more of the Historic contenders were Duncan Wild with his rally prepared Triumph Vitesse, and Keith Pettit with his Mk 1 Austin Healey Sprite.


David Garside in his Nova took the Best FDMC member award, also finishing eight overall; Ian Harrison was third in the large class B with the Ford Ka; and our startline picture shows Chris Foxley with his Toyota Corolla GT, on his way to winning the Best CSMA Member award


For more information about these events, see AutoSolo’s.

Award winners (with times in seconds)

Best Individual Performance: Simon Trickett, Clan Crusader, 409.8

1st in class awards:
Martin Prescott, Mini 998, 446.0
Paul Prescott, Mini 1300, 439.1
Simon Harris, Golf GTi,442.0
Michael Grubb, Clio 172, 453.4
Jim Withers, MG Midget,478.6
Mike Biss, Sylva Striker,426.4

2nd in class awards:
Richard Withers, MGB GT V8, 455.1
Phil Kendal, 106 Rallye, 456.1
Russell Smith, Honda CRX, 445.5
Matt Carter, 306 GTi-6, 455.5
Carl Streatfield, Lotus Elise, 438.2

3rd in class awards:
Ian Harrison, Ford Ka, 460.0
Richard Aldcroft, Honda CRX, 463.8

Ladies award: Caroline Grubb, Clio 172, 474.6

Full results for the event are available here: SpringSolo2007FinalresultsV2.

Pictures are by Az Edwards (the good ones!) and Richard Field. To see lots more of Az’s pictures from this event, go to AE-Photography.co.uk.

FDMC Summer Solo Autosolo 2007

‘Some sunny intervals’.  The Summer Solo brought us a day of mixed weather, but very close competition. At the lunch break, the leading trio of Andrew Thompson (Caterham), Russell Smith (Honda CRX), and Carl Streatfield (Elise) were all within a few seconds on total time. Witb the weather improving through the afternoon (when most ofthese pictures were taken), it was Andrew who pulled out a narrow lead, to finish first overall, closely followed by Russell and Carl.

Fourth overall, and a win in Class B, went to Paul Prescott, after another strong drive with his 1300 Mini.

Matt Carter was the winner of Class D in his 306, with Ian Harrison and his Mondeo taking second place in the same class. Paul Looby and his Mazda MX-5 were competing in their first FDMC event, and Simon Trickett shared Andy Fox’s MGB, to win Class E (do borrowed cars always go faster?).


The Historic class included James Mumford with his supercharged MG TC, and the cars of fellow MG Car Club members Martyn Phillis and Colin Reynolds are also visible here, in the paddock.

Grant Shepherd came to spectate, with his 206 GTi, but decided that taking part would be more fun! In the background is Gordon Byers’ Renault 5 turbo, on another part of the course.

Adam Garside and his recently acquired, 16 valve Scirocco took the 3rd place award in Class D.

The battle of the Midgets! Graham Skeggs is driving the purple car, and Colin Reynolds the blue one.

Alex Barwell and his BMW Mini Cooper S were taking part in their first Solo, and James Tapner, having previously driven a 205, was trying out his new Peugeot 106 Rallye.

Our last picture shows Ian Stevens and Nick Honey in charge at the startline, as drivers line up for their next run.

For more information about these events, see AutoSolo’s.

Award winners (with times in seconds)

Best Individual Performance: Andrew Thompson, Caterham 1600, 461.7

1st in class awards:
Martin Prescott, Mini 998, 507.5
Paul Prescott, Mini 1300, 489.3
Russell Smith, Honda CRX, 465.2
Matt Carter, Peugeot 306 GTi-6, 502.4
Simon Trickett, MGB GT, 523.1
Carl Streatfield, Lotus Elise 1.8, 470.5

2nd in class awards:
Michael Weeks, Mini 1300, 520.8
Derek Looker, Peugeot 205 XS, 527.0
Ian Harrison, Mondeo, 520.2
Steve Woodings, MGF, 534.8
David Garside, Nova, 494.1

3rd in class awards:
Adam Garside, Scirocco 2.0, 522.1

Fastest Lady:
Sherie Carter, Peugeot 306GTi-6, 523.9

Full results for the event are available here: SummerSolo2007resultsfinal.

Pictures by Richard Field.

FDMC Sprint Royale October 2007

4 x 4 Frenzy hits Eeelmoor!  For this year’s Sprint Royale, the entries included, for the first time, a ‘strike force’ of competition prepared 4×4’s, competing in their own Off Road class. And their performances? In a word – unforgettable! To start with, Rob Harford (Freelander) and Andy Drummond (Discovery) show you what we mean (followed by more 4 x4’s, on Page 2).

Among the other 70-plus entries, the fastest time of day went to Peter Hayter with his Vauxhall engined Westfield, chased hard by Simon Besant whose V8 version came second overall, and Martin Baker taking 3rd overall with his amazing Morris Minor, propelled by 2 litres of turbocharged Fiat engine.

In the first three classes, for more standard cars, Matt Carter finished first in Class 0 with his familiar Peugeot 306GTi-6, Bruce Aitken took Class 1 with his Citroen AX GT, and in class 2, out of 10 entries, Steve Woodings was the winner with his newly acquired Honda Integra Type R (the only 4 door example most of us have ever seen).


Among 14 entries from the MG Car Club, competing in the Luffield Cars MGCC 2007 Speed Championship, was new FDMC member Tim Read, seen here with his smart MGA.

Among some more unusual cars, in Class 3, John Moore was our first Ferrari entry at Eelmoor in his 308GTS, and Simon Taylor took second in this class with his rapid, V6 turbo Renault Alpine GTA.

Class 6 saw Simon Trickett take second place with the Clan Crusader, which he has also been using in Solo’s, and Tony Perrett was another contender in this class, with his smart Hillman Imp saloon.


Out of 11 entries in Class 7, Karl Stevens took first in class with his 2 litre Escort, and close rival Brian Stevens second in the class with his Mazda RX7, with these two drivers also finishing 5th and 8th overall.

In the same class, Peter Ellens took third place with his Renault Alpine A110, and Richard Withers fifth with his MGB GT.


Back to the 4 x 4’s, and here in full flight are Tim Henry with his SimmBuggini, Ryan Cooke with his Land Rover Special, and Ben Gott with his TMC DB M11. And who won this class? The Land Rover Special – beam axles rule!

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Peter Hayter, SBD FAST, 49.65

Class Winners:

Class 0, Matt Carter, 306 GTi-6, 62.10
Class 1, 1st Bruce Aitken, AX GT 1.4, 62.04
Class 2, 1st Steve Woodings, Integra Type R, 57.90
Class 3, 1st Steve Wells, TVR 450 SEAC, 60.67
Class 4, 1st David Buttle, Westfield SE, 656.10
Class 5, 1st Simon Besant, Westfield Seight, 52.14
Class 6, 1st Allan Brown, Mini Marcos 1.4, 58.73
Class 7, 1st Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0, 53.97
Class 8, 1st Kevin Salsbury, Sierra Cosworth, 53.58
Class 9, 1st Martin Baker, Morris Minor 2.0, 52.95
Class 10, 1st Ryan Cooke, Land Rover Special, 59.41

Full results available here: SR2007results.

Pictures by Ray, Tracy, and Colin at Breathecosse Media: to browse and buy from the full selection, go to www.breathecosse.com.

FDMC Autumn Antics Slalom October 2007

This year’s Autumn Antics, at our usual Deepcut venue, kept the drivers busy in the autumn sunshine, with three runs through six tests. A strong drive by FDMC’s Kevin Lower took his familiar RS2000 to first overall – by just 1.3 seconds – from the previous winner, Falcon MC’s Roger Dudley, in his Mini based Scamp. Grant Shepherd, from Maidstone and mid Kent MC, was close behind with his Mini saloon, to finish third overall.

Kevin Lower
Roger Dudley
Grant Shepherd

Class 2, for smaller saloons, saw equally fierce competition among the 12 entrants. The Ford Ka was shared by Ian Harrison and son Stuart from Dolphin MC, to take the class win in Ian’s hands. MMKC members Richard Olsen (Citroen AX) and Gavin Lane (Metro GTa) came home 3rd and 4th in this class, while Martin Neal finished 4th overall with his rally prepared Sprite

Ian Harrison Martin Neal
Richard Olsen
Gavin Lane

Sprint and Solo competitor Steve Woodings borrowed Paul Looby’s Mazda MX5 for this event, giving the car a thorough introduction to loose surfaced autotesting!

Steve Woodings

This year’s entry included two of the rare Series 2 Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.6 models; the blue car being driven by new FDMC member Ben Griffin, while the white one was shared by Peter and David Manning, with Peter at the wheel here.

Ben Griffin Peter Manning

Class 3 for larger saloons featured seven entries, and with Kevin Lower taking FTD, regular entrant Andrew Dudley took the first in class award with his Escort. Another contender in this class was Stuart Pettit with his BMW 325, which is more often used at track days.

Andrew Dudley
Stuart Pettit

Derek Looker with his Peugeot 205 took second place in Class 2, and our last picture shows Keith Pettit in the lower test area, pressing on to finish third in Class 4 with his Midget.

Derek Looker
Keith Pettit

Award winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day: Kevin Lower, Escort RS2000, 587.4

1st in class awards:
Grant Shepherd, Mini 1.3, 591.5
Ian Harrison, Ford Ka 1.3, 619.0
Andrew Dudley, Escort 2.0, 628.4
Roger Dudley, Scamp 1.3, 588.7

2nd in class awards:
Derek Looker, 205 XS 1.4, 622.5
Barney Lower, Escort RS2000, 666.8
Martin Neal, Sprite 1.3, 603.7

3rd in class awards
Richard Olsen. Citroen AX 1.1, 623.8

Full results available here: AA2007results.

Pictures by Colin Robinson and Richard Field.

FDMC Autumn Production Car Trial November 2007

This year’s PCT took place at our usual Hungry Hill venue. With the results decided on an Index of Performance, first overall in the National B event, for contenders in the ACSMC PCT Championship, went to previous winner Michael Weeks, in his MG Midget. Also in the Nat B event, Brian Alexander took first place in Class 3 with his Fiat 850 – this model now being a rare sight in the UK.

Michael Weeks
Brian Alexander

Keith Pettit and his familiar Sprite finished first overall in the Clubsport event, and David Holmes’s Fiat Panda climbed to first place in Class A in National B.

Keith Pettit
David Holmes

Peter Manning and his equally familiar Midget took first place in Class 4 of Clubsport, and below, some cold looking competitors line their cars up, for the pre- event scrutineering.

Peter Manning

In the Clubsport event, Andrew Kemp was the winner in Class 2 with the big Carlton Estate, assisted by most of his family as passengers! Also in this event, Steve Wallace was the Class 1 winner, demonstrating the art of wheelspin here with his rally prepared Nova.

Andrew Kemp
Steve Wallace

Ian Lawson and son Chris took turns to drive their Marlin kit car, with Chris driving here, and Karl Foster’s blue Panda pursued David Holmes’s red one all day, with the hill marking system visible here. The higher you get, the lower (better) is your score.

Chris Lawson
Karl Foster

Martyn Phillis is seen here using some his MGB V8’s horsepower, and in our last picture, Mike Westbrook, with one of the original Dellow trials cars, sets off up Hill 4, observed by start marshal George Wall.

Martyn Phillis

Overall Awards:  
Michael Weeks, MG Midget 1st, National B
Keith Pettit, Sprite 1st, ClubSport
Class Awards:  
David Holmes, Panda 1st, Class 1A
Brian Alexander, Fiat 850 1st, Class 3C
Colin Weeks, Midget 1st, Class 4D
Steve Wallace, Nova 1st, class C1
Andrew Kemp, Vauxhall Carlton 1st, class C2
Peter Manning, Midget 1st, class C4

Pictures by Richard Field.

FDMC Solo Challenge Championship 2007

The Solo Challenge is our club level Autosolo championship for FDMC members, based for 2007 on our three Solos in March, April and July, and taking the results of all three events into account. The format and rules are FDMCAutoSoloChallenge2007.

The final results of the Solo Challenge 2007 are as follows:

1st, 2nd and 3rd overall awards

First overall Russell Smith
1285.8 secs
106 Rallye, and Honda CRX
Second overall Simon Trickett
1300.4 secs
Clan Crusader, and MGB
Third overall Paul Prescott
1307.5 secs
Mini 1300

Class awards

Class A Historics (registered before Jan 75)   Class B Saloons, etc, up to 1400cc
1st Martin Prescott
1326 secs
  1st Les Badham
1420.6 secs
Class D Saloons, etc over 1800cc   Class E Production sports cars
1st Matt Carter
1348.2 secs
  1st Andy Fox
1419.9 secs
Class F Low volume & more modified cars   Ladies award  
1st Gordon Byers
1378.6 secs
  1st Cherie Carter
1452.9 secs