One of the cheapest, but still challenging forms of motorsport, where you can use a standard road car, and driving skills make the biggest difference.

Each car competes alone, against the clock, following a route defined by cones, which may involve direction changes from forward to reverse, and vice versa. Tarmac, grass, and loose surfaces, may all be used, sometimes in combination.

From 2020-on, you will need an RS Clubman licence to compete in Autocross events.  For more information on the RS Clubman licence, see here.

Shown here is a test from an FDMC event. The dotted lines show where the car has to travel backwards. The front runners completed this in around 35 seconds, using handbrake turns and reverse flicks (J turns)…. after a few events, you, too, will know how it’s done!

Autotest know – how… some advice for the novice:

It’s normally possible to walk the tests, before driving them; this helps you to memorise the route, and decide the best ways to turn or position the car.
Your times will depend on driving technique, much more than the car’s performance: watching the experienced drivers can be very educational.
The test diagram is best taped or clipped within easy view, as a quick look at it may save a mistake.