FDMC Car Trial November 2015

It’s such a Trial…..

In motorsport, safety is always the first priority. So here, in our annual visit to Hungry Hill, before the fun starts, Ken Martin checks out Andrew Thompson’s Mini.

Next, the drivers’ briefing, from Clerk of the Course Simon May. In Trialling, the aim is to get your car as far up each hill as you can. In the results, the performance between different types of car is equalised, as far as possible, by an Index system. From among the 40 entrants, this report brings you a
selection of the award winners, and other competitors.

Would they believe this in Tokyo? Sam and Kevin Lindsay from Falcon MC were taking turns to drive this MX5, to finish second and third in Class C.

With his Fiat Seicento brightening the Autumn landscape, FDMC’s David Aldrich had a good day, finishing second out of eight entries in Class A.

The Reliant Kitten – as rare as a unicorn, these days – but this one was alive and well, in the hands of Andrew and Austen Laing

Experienced trials competitors Cliff Morrell and Adrian Gibson shared this 205 1.9 GTi, with Adrian finishing second out of twelve entries in Class B

A regular entrant at this event, Michael Leete’s Austin 7 is a unique blend of 1920’s design, plus some more up-to-date engineering.

Barry Redmayne was the Class F winner with this Liege kit car, much developed for trialling, as shown here by its long-travel suspension.

While in Class A, for unmodified road-going cars, Chris Judge took first place with his Nissan Micra.

With Midget driver Peter Manning finishing first overall in this event, Colin Reynolds took first place in class C, with another Midget.

In Class B, first place went to expert triallist Colin Reid with his Golf GTi – which has been up many hills like these.

Adrian May was another of FDMC’s entrants, threading this smart MX5 through the scenery.

Hungry Hill, like many of the event sites used by FDMC, is primarily a Military Training Area. We liked this sign, although we’re not sure what it means!


Overall Awards:  
Peter Manning, Midget 1st Overall
Class winners  
Chris Judge, Micra 1st in class A
Colin Reid, Golf GTi 1st in class B
Colin Reynolds, Midget 1st in class C
Barry Redmayne, Liege 1st in class F

Full results are here:  FDMC Car Trial 2015 Results.

Pictures by Richard Field, and for lots more, see the Flickr galleries by Paul Armstrong, and by Clive Liddiard, and by Ian Trevena.