Results: The Nearly Boxing Day AutoTest 2021

Courtesy of Steve Castle,  click here for the detailed results of our Nearly Boxing Day AutoTest 2021.

Summary of the final standings:

No. Name Total Award
20 Josh Baker 122.8 1
22 Trevor Corteil 122.8 2
23 Keith Petit 123.3 3
21 Simon May 124.3 4
15 Lourival B. Junior 125.0 5
10 John Rutter 125.8 6
4 Russell Roberts 125.9 7
14 Nigel Adams 126.4 8
1 David Ley 127.0 9
5 Matthew Rowland 128.6 10
6 Simon Currie 128.6 11
7 Ken Martin 128.7 12
19 Paul Ireland 131.0 13
2 Sarah Keane 132.9 14
17 David Theobald 134.2 15
18 Briony Ireland 137.1 16
3 Jamie Devries 138.8 17
11 Alan Vowler 139.2 18
16 Liona Theobald 142.9 19
8 Vincent Corteil 143.2 20
12 Tara Hone 144.4 21
9 Stuart Pettit 152.2 22

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.  Updated on 12 Jan 22 with revised results table.

Social: Christmas Party 21

This year’s FDMC Christmas Party will take place at the Plough & Horses on Tuesday December 14th.   

It’s free to Club Members, to book in, text Ken Martin on 07939 502106 and say if you’re bringing a partner.   

This social event is subject to any C19 restrictions – this page will be updated if anything changes.

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media

Event: Nearly Boxing Day AutoTest 2021

The FDMC Nearly Boxing Day AutoTest will take place on Sunday 12th December at Rushmoor Arena.

This is an annual event where the Club provides the cars, vans, trikes and mobility scooters, and you bring along your mug and some warm clothing (the day tends to get on the cold side of cold).

Click here for the Event Regs.  Once you have read them, inwardly digested  them and can recite them from memory, you may enter the event here.  A short test will follow; you have been warned.

After entering, there comes the delight of paying for your day of fun, so be a good citizen, pop your name in the box below and click on the button to relieve your fat wallet of thirty-five of the finest British pounds:

Insert Driver Name


A list of your most revered, respected and revved-up competitors will eventually make its way here.    Any questions?  I doubt it but just in case the Entry Sec is Simon Taylor , contact via email.

Finally, I sincerely hope, like Brian S. below, that you end up with the Wooden Spoon as that way, it means I haven’t.

Posted with a wink by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.

Event: The Gwyn Jones Memorial Rally 2021

From the Event Organiser, Graham Skeggs:

The Gwyn Jones Memorial Rally 2021 (12 Car) will take place on Friday 10th December.

Click here for the Regs for this year’s Gwyn Jones Memorial Rally which will celebrate its 10th Anniversary.  Starting and finishing at a local Pub very much on the ‘patch’ that Gwyn would have competed on and, in his later years with myself, organised events just like this event now, run in his honour.

Click here for the entry form, this should be completed and returned to Graham (click here to email).

Hopefully we can attract a full entry and add some more names to the list of previous winners shown below:  

2011 – Jointly between John Taylor/John Stringer & Graham Skeggs/Richard Pashley
2012 – Ken Pape & Nick Clarke
2013 – Chris Pratt & Glynn Hayward
2014 – Graham Skeggs & Nick Clarke
2015 – John Taylor & Mark Collings
2016 – John Taylor & Mark Collings
2017 – Colin Woodhouse & Matt Fowle
2018 – Mike East & Richard Pashley
2019 – Mike East & Richard Pashley
2020 – Chris Pratt & Glynn Hayward
2021 – Could it be you?

We have looked at the navigation and believe it to be more straightforward than last year and have enlisted the help of a seasoned competitor to double check.

As ever we need a small army of marshals so please put the date in your diary and come forward and offer to help. The will be a marshals draw at the finish with the opportunity to win something worthwhile.

Please feel free to pass this email on to others not on the mailing list who may be interested in competing or marshalling.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 10th.


Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media

Event: Sprint Royale 21 (finals)

Click here for the Entry List for the FDMC Sprint Royale 21.

Here is a copy of the Final Instructions.

A Virtual Noticeboard will be running on the Sportity app using FDMC as the password.

Competitors are politely reminded to return, before the event, their Motorsport UK Signing-on Form and scans of their MS UK Licence & Club Card to the Entry Sec

And don’t forget to bring a groundsheet  as well as your race numbers and other usual sprint stuff :-).

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.



Event: Rushmoor Targa 21

FDMC are proud to present the Rushmoor Targa rally on Sunday 7th November 2021 at Rushmoor Arena, Hampshire.

Entrants will need a valid Club membership card and a Motorsport UK RS-Clubman competition licence. 

Enter in three quick steps:

 1) Click here to read the Regulations.

2) Click here to complete the online entry form.

3) Type your name in the box below then click “Buy Now” to pay for your entry using a bank card or Paypal:

Driver Name

Click here for a list of entries received (received but not necessarily confirmed).   Note, this gets updated manually so your entry will not show up straightaway.

Any enquiries should be directed to the Competition Secretary, Simon Taylor (click to email).

Photo courtesy of Andy Manston of M&H Photography -2019 winners : Driver Matt Endean & Co-driver Suze Endean.

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.