Trials – the art of driving slowly!

We are looking for a suitable new trialling venue, please get in touch with the Club if you know of anywhere suitable.

Production car trials are untimed competitions, which don’t involve much speed. Instead, you’re just trying to get as far as possible, up steep bits of the countryside: driving technique, especially throttle control, is the key to this.

A typical event might have six to ten ‘hills’, laid out within one site, with numbered markers, which enable the marshals to determine how far you get up each one. These numbers are added up, to determine your total score, and hence the results.

You carry a passenger, who traditionally will bounce up and down at certain points, to improve the grip of the driving wheels, and may also shout encouragement. Double entries, where driver and passenger swop places, add to the fun as well.

From 2020-on, you will need an RS Clubman licence to compete in Autocross events.  For more information on the RS Clubman licence, see here.

Trials are informal, sociable events, and standard cars are suitable in most cases, and often get the best results. Our annual event used to be held during the autumn, and we can take part in those run by other clubs, through the season.