If you’d like to get in touch with the Club, we have many members who you can contact for more information, check regulations, advice on car prep and entering events (etc etc).   One easy thing to do is to pop down to our regular Club night which takes place on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at The Plough and Horses pub, 90 Fleet Road, Farnborough.

Alternatively, below is a list of people and subjects if you wish to make direct contact (during sociable hours please) or to chat with over a pint at the next Club Night.   Just be a little careful, in case one of them tries to sell you a ‘suitable’ car.

Steve Castle Speed events and Marshalling
Paul Prescott ‘How to’ for Solos’s, PCT’s, Autotests, Autocross
Simon May ‘How to’ for Rallying and Sprinting
Simon Taylor ‘How to’ for Sprinting and Solos
Richard Field ‘How to’ for Solos, Autotests, Sprinting
Matt Downes ‘How to’ for most aspects of motorsport

You can also find out more, on many aspects of motorsport, by browsing our ForumAnd, by registering as a user (which doesn’t require you to be a member ), you can post your own questions there.

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