Committee Profile – Geoff Wade

Geoff stands as an impassioned devotee of motorsport, navigating the realms of circuit racing, sprints, and solos with a regular cadence. Simultaneously, he nurtures a profound affinity for Formula 1, a fervour that has adorned the tapestry of his life since time immemorial, if not before.

His penchant for perpetual tinkering finds expression in the perpetual companionship of half-finished project cars, a constant evolution, each poised for the imminent leap into fully operational vitality.

Within the echelons of the Committee, Geoff shoulders the mantle of orchestrating our Club’s media and PR endeavours. His purview encompasses the meticulous stewardship of the website, the dynamic sphere of the Facebook group, the crucible of design and creative pursuits, the editorial helm of the Club magazine, and the curation of our electronic missives, Steering eColumn.

In the realm of media, any task that unfurls its tendrils finds its custodian in Geoff’s adept hands, a custodian undeterred by the multifarious nature of the responsibilities that beckon to him.

When not busy writing stuff like this, I can be contacted via email.