FDMC 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance – 3rd March 2018

Tickets are now available for FDMC’s 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance, supporting the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

The evening will consist of a sit down meal with choice of menu (pre-chosen), annual awards presentation, a prize raffle and dancing to professionally-provided music.

It will take place at the Lismoyne Hotel, Fleet, on Saturday 3rd March 2018.  Doors open at 7pm, carriages at 12 midnight.   

Dress code is black tie (or, at least, a smart lounge suit).

Here is the Ticket Order Form (deleted – closed) to download and complete.  Please pay online using a paypal account or debit/credit card. Simply choose the number of tickets, add the guest names then click “Pay Now.

Arrive for Drinks reception between 7-00 and 7-30
Sit down for Dinner at 7-45
Three course silver service dinner with coffee
Presentation of the Annual Awards
Charity Auction and Raffle in aid of Phyllis Tuckwell
Music by our very own “Kraigy!”
Yes, Yes, Yes, the bar is open all evening till late
Carriages Late
Special Hotel Stay-over deal. £60 per room, including breakfast.
( Contact & pay the Hotel direct on : 01252 628 555 ).

The Lismoyne Hotel, 45 Church Road, FLEET, GU51 4NE.

We look forward to celebrating our 60th Anniversary with you.

Bramley Targa Rally – 18th March 2018

Latest docs:

FDMC Bramley Targa ’18 – Paddock Layout

Final instructions Part 1 2018

TARGA RALLY 2018 Final Draft Entry List

Vehicle Entry Pass (deleted – entries closed)

Original post:

Welcome to FDMC’s Targa Rally 2018.  On Sunday 18th March 2018, FDMC will organise a “Clubman Permit” single-venue Targa Rally at Bramley Military Training Area, Hampshire.

Here are the event regs (deleted – entries closed).

And here is the online form to enter: (deleted – entries closed).

Current Entry List : click here for current entries.

the current entries list will be here (TBC).

News and views:  see the Forum Thread and/or Facebook.

Thanks – and happy Targa Rallying – from the FDMC Organising Team.

Editor: Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.

ACSMC Speed Championship 2018

Edited by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.

From Dave Whyman regarding the 2018 ACSMC Sprint and Hillclimb Championships.  Please find attached:

 – Regulations for 2018 (download: 2018 Approved ACSMC Speed Championships Regs)

– Class structure for 2018  (download 2018 Approved Speed Championships Class Structure). These are embedded in the regs but you may want to print separately. In our quest to reduce the number of classes yet still have some level of competitive equality, we succeeded in confusing competitors and organisers alike in 2017. This year we have reverted back to more conventional structures.

– Registration form (download 2018 Speed Registration Form). If you have already printed the regs and do not want another copy, please mark on the form.

We had over 60 registered sprinters in 2017 – I hope with your help to improve on that in 2018. Unfortunately we had only 20 registered hillclimbers. Understandable in some context given the lack of local venues. However I think we offer a more sympathetic class structure than some other associations. We need more than 20 in 2018 – if not we have to consider the viability of a separate championship for 2019.

Can I ask therefore that for both the Sprint and Hillclimb Championships, that you promote it to your fellow competitors. The larger the championships, the more competitive and exciting it is.

Registration is again £5 – the smallest paper currency there is – so excellent value (or cheap if that works better)

Any questions, do contact me.

All the best for 2018.


Dave Whyman

Harlequin 12 Car Rally – 19th Jan 2018

Here are the Harlequin 2018 Regs and Entry Form (deleted – entries closed).

The 2018 Harlequin 12 Car Rally, carried over from December ’17, organised by Mark Collings.

Distance – approx. 45 miles

Maps – 185 & 186

Navigation – suitable for all abilities:

 – Experts will be challenged without the use of anything cryptic

 – Novice navigation will include guidance instructions

–  Beginner – Marked maps available on request.

Start – from the northern of the two laybys on the A32 crossroads south of Rotherfield Park at 186/ 688¼ 304¾.

Finish – Hen & Chicken pub, Upper Froyle at 186/ 755¾ 411¼.

Marshals – required for 10 time controls and, ideally, manned Passage Controls too

Contact – Mark Collings – 07824 634424 or markcollings205@hotmail.com


2017 Nearly Boxing Day results

Here is a summary of the Nearly Boxing Day Driving Tests 2017 results (full results can be downloaded here):

Number Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL AWARD
20 Simon May 38.6 18.3 20.5 25.4 20.1 21.4 144.3 1st Overall
6 Adrian May 36.7 18.9 22.9 26.0 21.1 21.0 146.6 2nd Overall
15 Richard Thompson 40.9 19.2 20.8 25.6 21.0 21.2 148.7
17 Tom Caldecourt 38.7 19.2 21.6 27.0 24.1 20.8 151.4
18 Russell Roberts 43.6 19.9 23.1 26.0 21.8 22.0 156.4
12 Keith Petit 49.7 18.7 20.8 25.9 21.4 20.3 156.8
22 Jed Wootten 43.9 21.4 20.5 27.0 23.4 22.1 158.3
5 Jenny Caldecourt 45.1 20.4 22.1 26.1 24.0 21.3 159.0 Best Lady
1 Tim Cartledge 41.3 20.2 21.6 30.6 23.5 22.5 159.7
16 Peter West 42.9 20.1 22.5 27.0 25.5 22.6 160.6
8 Smon Taylor 47.2 19.3 20.4 30.6 23.0 21.3 161.8
23 Geoff Wade 49.8 20.1 21.0 27.7 23.2 22.0 163.8
11 Brian Sharpe 47.5 19.9 22.2 27.9 24.4 22.2 164.1
9 Ken Martin 52.5 19.4 22.8 25.8 26.8 20.8 168.1
7 Steve Woodings 45.1 19.0 20.5 24.9 21.7 41.0 172.2
10 John Taylor 49.0 21.8 24.4 30.1 24.9 22.5 172.7
2 Thomas Hutchings 41.7 38.7 19.0 31.7 21.2 27.1 179.4
4 David Brown 57.1 21.9 24.6 30.6 27.6 23.0 184.8
19 Peter West 49.3 20.0 23.9 30.9 35.0 26.9 186.0
21 Brian Grant 51.2 21.7 25.5 44.9 28.1 22.2 193.6 Wooden Spoon

Pictured are, overall winner, Simon May (centre) being presented his trophy by Club Chairman, Simon Taylor (right) with Club Secretary, Steve Castle (left):

Runner up, Adrian May (Simon winning made his day):

Watch out chaps, it’s fastest lady, Jenny Caldecourt:

And finally the wooden spoon being collected by Brian Sharpe on behalf of Brian Grant:

2017 Calendar (Archive)


FDMC Events 2017
(some event dates, or locations, may be provisional)
Tues 28 Feb Annual General Meeting Mychett Community Centre
Fri 17 March March Hare 12 car Rally  
9/April April Solo Abingdon
23 April Dimanche Sprint Rushmoor Arena
Sat 6 May May’s Amazing Maze Scatter  
14 May Spring Solo Buller Barracks
10 June Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint Abingdon
11 June Abingdon CAR-nival Rally Abingdon
Tues 27 June Summer Barbecue Mychett Community Centre
9 July Summer Solo Buller Barracks, Aldershot
17 Sept September Solo Buller Barracks, Aldershot
8 Oct Sprint Royale Eelmoor
Was 22 Oct now 5 Nov Autumn Antics Slalom Deepcut
Postponed until 19 Jan 2018 Harlequin 12 Car Rally  Hants
Fri 1 Dec Gwyn Jones Memorial Clubman 20/20 Navigational Rally  Hants
Tues 5 Dec Christmas Social Club Night – free to Club Members Plough & Horses, Fleet Road
17 Dec Nearly Boxing Day Autotest TBA

Central Southern England: other events

National B status:
For other National B level events throughout the area, see the ACSMC website, for calendars of the qualifying events in the Association’s rally, sprint, grass and tarmac autotest, and PCT championships.

Club level:
For upcoming club level events, to which FDMC is invited, check our Forum, or contact one of the committee members on the Contact Us page.

Nearly Boxing Day Autotest 17 Dec ’17

Welcome to the Nearly Boxing Day Autotest, to be held on 17th December 2017 at Buller Barracks.

The Nearly Boxing Day Autotest has two key features:

* FDMC members, ONLY, are eligible to enter 
* The club provides the vehicles

Before entering, please read the regs for the event, here, Regs.pdf.

Methods of entry and payment

The event can be entered in the traditional way, ie by printing out the entry form, completing it by hand, and posting it, with a cheque for your entry fee, to the Secretary of the Meeting. For those who prefer, here’s how you can submit an online entry, and pay online via PayPal or credit card.

BOTH your entry form and the payment must be received, for your entry to be accepted. Otherwise, your entry will be provisional until we receive them both, so making your online entry and payment at the same time is much the best way.

Online Entry form

Fill in all relevant fields in the online entry form, Online Entryform , and then click ‘Submit’.

Online payment by PayPal, or credit card – now closed.

And the current entries list is here, Boxing Day Entries.

Thanks, and enjoy your Not Quite Boxing Day Autotest- The organising team.

Archive version: regs & entries here

Gwn Jones Memorial Rally ’17

Revised regs and entry form for the Gwyn Jones Memorial Rally regs (v2).

Notes from Graham Skeggs:

These have been revised as requested by the MSA to include items as:-

1 – It is a Clubman’s event

2 – Scrutineering

3 – Noise check

4 – Technical requirements

5 – Name of Steward, Scrutineer and Timekeeper

I do not require anyone who has already entered to resubmit. The original entry form has only changed in title.

By signing on you confirm that you have read and accept the changes.