Results: Summer Solo 2016

After a mixed Saturday for setting up we were pleasantly surprised to see perfect weather conditions for the event. Changes to the area available to us did mean a different approach to the course lay out, the result being a course using every square metre possible but taking into account the nature of the surface.

Great to see a good number of first time soloists.

Straight out of the box saw class E making the running Mantas Sliogeris in front of Michael Yates, class F were struggling with Paul Prescott (Class B) in sixth.

Course 2 was faster giving a small advantage to Andrew with Mantas staying ahead but class E still held the running, Paul however was still there in his 1275 mini.

Course 3 saw a change of direction with similar times and little change in positions, Paul suffered some reliability issues and dropped back and Jenifer Caldecourt started to give the leaders something to think about.

Course 4 took a few seconds longer but kept the pressure up, Steve Woodings got the hang of his ‘new’ car to catch up in class E but Mantas remained unbeatable all day.

Here then are the final results:

Fastest Overall Mantas Sliogeris
Best on Index Martin Prescott
1st in Class B John Nicholls
1st in Class C Neil Brown
1st in Class D Ian Grant
1st in Class E Michael Yates
1st in Class F Andrew Thompson
2nd in Class B Paul Prescott
2nd in Class C Tim Cartledge
2nd in Class D Richard Corney
2nd in Class E Steve Woodings
2nd in Class F Richard Whittington
3rd in Class B Sam Wright
3rd in Class E Aaron Roffey
Fastest Lady Jenny Caldercourt

Full results are at: … sp=sharing … sp=sharing 

Special thanks of course goes to the non-competing marshals who as always stood out in the sunshine to ensure you all had a good, efficiently run day. Calculations of the scores, was ably carried out by Ian & Chriss who gave you all up to the minute scores. Simon May saw to it that all the cars were safe to compete. Helen & Alan kept you moving on the start line with Helen in the background ensuring good/safe organisation

Write up: Keith Pettit & Pete Manning.

Posted by: Geoff Wade.

Results: Spring Solo 2016

Well, what a good day out of motorsport that was! 

The event marked the debut of Adam Quinn as an FDMC Clerk of the Course, and what a good set of tests were laid out.  We had a full entry to the Clubmans event, and were additionally pleased to welcome some BTRDA championship contenders to the National B permit event.

For the first two morning courses we were able to add the new loop in each direction, which added length but also some driver caution, and therefore time, to the overall runs. The feedback I got suggested the loop was a bit Marmite… some competitors loved it, some found it a bit difficult to navigate. Fair play to those who were able to attack the course & eek out what proved to be some significant time advantages over their fellows.

At the later than planned lunch time break, the top 3 honours were:-

Some tough choices had to be made during lunch and the organisers reluctantly had to acknowledge that keeping the extended loop would mean seriously overunning on end-time. So the afternoon resumed, with courses 3 and 4 being the same layout back to back, and without the loop.  Instantly, the competitor fun-factor was back, and significantly faster times were being posted by all.  The event finished strongly at around 4.30, and awards presented after the site tidy-up.

Overall, a sunny day, relatively stoppage free, and Doug Mancini’s lovely Austin Mini Cooper-S the only retirement (& fuel filler cap since retrieved off the course).

Awards & Winners were:-

Links to Final Results … WhiZFJFY3c … GlrcmdnN0U

Write-up by Matt Downes.

Posted by Geoff Wade.