Update: CAR-nival 21 latest

The Club has received the following update from Event Organiser, Barry Guess:

“It is with regret we advise that despite extensive efforts, we have been unable to secure any undertaking from the MoD authorities regarding full availability of the airfield at Abingdon, predominantly due to ‘delayed filming activities’ in certain areas of the venue.

Whilst certain other commercial activities will be taking place at the venue, these do not require the full use of all of the tarmac roads and as such can be accommodated within the current diary.

We must stress that whilst this has resulted in the cancellation of the potential Sprint and Autosolo events (as reduced daylight does not facilitate the required ‘change over’ activity), it is hoped that we will still be able to organise the stage rally on a date before Christmas.

To this end, we will retain the list of those who ‘registered an interest’ in the Mini CAR-nival and these people will be contacted in order to offer first refusal on the expected 100 places. Once this list has been exhausted then places will be offered to others who have pre-registered their interest.

Finally, on behalf of the hugely disappointed organising team, we thank you for your support and as they say… watch this space!

The CAR-nival Team”

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media


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