Competition Corner Aug 23

Our Competition Secretary, Simon Taylor, writes:

No wonder we were Club of the Year, we are always doing something!  In the next six weeks we have three more exciting and different events coming up:

1. Shere Hillclimb Autotest Demo – Sunday 3rd September
2. September Solo at Brooklands – Sunday 10th September
3. Sprint Royale at Eelmoor – Sunday 1st October

Your Club needs you:

1. Shere Autotest Demo: We need two small teams (AM and PM). Each team  needs at least four drivers with cars to demonstrate a small grass AutoTest and take passenger rides.  Plus two or three other volunteers to help sign on the passengers. There will be time to enjoy the main event too. Please email Simon Taylor here if you can help.,

2. September Solo: Competitors are invited to enter the event, click here.  This is a #Streetcar event and beginners are welcome.

3. Sprint Royale: Again, we invite competitors to enter click here, and we also need a team of 10-15 marshals on the day, please email Iain Morris here.

Many thanks in advance for supporting your Club.

Simon Taylor (07966 826706)

Posted on by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media

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