ACSMC Speed Championship 2018

Edited by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media.

From Dave Whyman regarding the 2018 ACSMC Sprint and Hillclimb Championships.  Please find attached:

 – Regulations for 2018 (download: 2018 Approved ACSMC Speed Championships Regs)

– Class structure for 2018  (download 2018 Approved Speed Championships Class Structure). These are embedded in the regs but you may want to print separately. In our quest to reduce the number of classes yet still have some level of competitive equality, we succeeded in confusing competitors and organisers alike in 2017. This year we have reverted back to more conventional structures.

– Registration form (download 2018 Speed Registration Form). If you have already printed the regs and do not want another copy, please mark on the form.

We had over 60 registered sprinters in 2017 – I hope with your help to improve on that in 2018. Unfortunately we had only 20 registered hillclimbers. Understandable in some context given the lack of local venues. However I think we offer a more sympathetic class structure than some other associations. We need more than 20 in 2018 – if not we have to consider the viability of a separate championship for 2019.

Can I ask therefore that for both the Sprint and Hillclimb Championships, that you promote it to your fellow competitors. The larger the championships, the more competitive and exciting it is.

Registration is again £5 – the smallest paper currency there is – so excellent value (or cheap if that works better)

Any questions, do contact me.

All the best for 2018.


Dave Whyman

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