Promo: FDMC at the British Motor Show, Farnborough, 19-22 Aug 21

C’ttee member Iain Eckett reports

“Farnborough District Motorsport Club have been invited by Motorsport UK to be at the British Motor Show on 19-22 August.

It’s kinda cool that FDMC have been asked to put on a bit of a show at such a prestigious event and will be doing some Autosolos with members from the club to help promote grass root motorsport.

So please come along and see FDMC (down by the Paul Swift Display team) and have a chat with some friendly members of the Club about joining an amazing club and grass root motorsport.

Some of the Juniors from the Club will be there so if your son/daughter is interested then they can chat to someone who’s having fun competing.

While I believe we are the best attraction, there are few other attractions that might tickle your fancy.

Please look for our FDMC Green Gazebos and while the club is there for the four days I hope to see some of you on the Sunday with my son Tom driving.”.

Link to the BMS website here.

Posted by Geoff Wade, FDMC Media


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